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In Metaverse Keeper, the player has access to a variety of weapons that they may discover over the course of a run.

List of Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Description SkillDesc AffixDesc Unlock
Bastion Deploy an auto-firing drone that explodes after some time. Turret Drone
Black Hole Generator Harness the power of the everlasting void. Black Hole
Iced Crystal Ball An iced crystal ball that has the power of the frost. Frost Ball
Auto Attack Module Robots are your best friends! Continuous hits increase damage. Auto Attack
Bomber Man Special gloves that belonged to the famous Bomber Man. Like his hot temper, always ready to explode. Explosion Chance to burn enemies on hit. Defeat 30 enemies with Bombs.
Bowling Man Boxing gloves made of poisonous... bowling balls? Bowling Ball Each attack has a chance to poison enemies. Defeat Energized Slime
Cat Claw Like a tiger! Serration Critical hits with this weapon grants 3 Vitality.
Demon Head Two red eyes are staring at you as if trying to tell you something. Demon Bombs
Golden Brawler Glittering gloves of a legendary fighter. Leap Bash Each successful hit has a chance to drop Gold coins.
Asteroid Boxing gloves made of some strange meteorite that said to terrify the strongest being of this side of the Metaverse. Summon
Yin & Yang Gloves Black and white, as if made from pandas. Yin-Yang harmony The weapon skill will be randomly attached to the player and teammates who are encircled with a yin shield or a yang shield. Negates the 1st damage received. Affects nearby Allies.
Ka Me Training Gloves Gloves made for kung-fu trainees. Force Qigong Force... Qi... Gong!!!
8-bit Gun An elegant weapon... from a less bit plane. Rapid Fire Have a low chance to deal 666 damage.
King-Kong Winner winner, banana dinner. Rapid Fire Have chance to produce a banana peel, which will slip after it is stepped on.
Wine Bottle Would you care to have another?.. Bottle Throwing
Ancient Cannon Crude but powerful. Rapid Fire
Boomerang Seems to be made of bones of a certain alien. Charged Throw
Walkie-Talkie Number: 276709 Make a Call Weapon skills are used to call three super mobile phones.
Wacky Pinball Fires bouncing electromagnetic projectiles. Electromagnetism
Exploder Use with caution. Rapid Fire
Viper — Aren't you poisonous?

— ...Yes.

Rapid Fire Poison the enemy on every attack.
Golden Gun In theory, you can do whatever you want with it. Rapid Fire Its attack has a chance to cause the enemy to drop additional golds.
Eve The music it produces isn't just charming, it's magical. AoE Defeat The Clockwork Lich as Brooks.
Gunblade — Aya Slash
Field Transmitter A broken gauss rifle. Shockwave It has a small chance of crit, and it will produce a large area of thunderstorm after the crit.
L.E.A.K Tech DH-17 Homework of an unknown engineer. Rapid Fire
Laser Gun B11 Commonly used laser weapon of the Galactic Empire soldiers. Rapid Fire
Lava Generator Some people want to see the world on fire. Rapid Fire Defeat Neusara.
Freeze Gun To no one's surprise has a chance to freeze enemies on hit. Giant Frostbolt Weapon skill will freeze the enemy.
Gunslingers The number of destiny is 3. Full Auto The special bullet of weapon skill have a big chance to grant a recovery effect for you and your teammates after hitting the enemy.
Evil Dead If only you had a chainsaw as well. Summon Evil Spirits Each attack costs vitality, and using the items will summon an evil spirit. Eliminate 999 enemies.
Old Friend Ah, my old friend. My trust in you is like a marmot in the spring. Full Auto The bullet splits after hitting the enemy.
Rocket Racoon R--P--G--!! Rapid Fire Bullets will track the enemy
Typewriter Gangsta love. Scattershot Shoot random bullets.
Rusty Gun Still in working order despite its appearance. Rapid Fire
Old Shotgun Let's hope it won't explode in your hands. Rapid Fire Have chance to deal damage to yourself when attack, and a 3 second crit buff will be created after injury.
Saw Blade Thrower Flying circular saws. Cool, and dangerous! Multishot
Shotgun Number one pick of any self-respecting space adventurer. Full Auto
Shurikens Trusty weapon of a secret society. Full Auto
Probe Launcher Looks like an aircraft model. Rapid Fire Defeat Mamasan.
Thunderball Radio Someone actually spent their time making projectiles look like that. Electromagnetic Shot
Green Sprouter Seeds of venom. Nasty. Squirting Cucumber After the bullet hits the enemy, it splits into two poisoned bullets behind the enemy.
Chainsaw Don't try to use one without adult supervision. Rip and Tear
Electric Drill Mining tool from the planet Jose. A dangerous weapon in unskilled hands. Sky High
Rusty Chainsaw Found in wreckage of a ship. Does it even work? Rip and Tear
Runner-up Youth is always full of regrets. Baseball
Assassin's Blade The shadow blesses its owner. Rush Grant a 3 secon crit buff after charging.
BBQ Hot BBQ, just from the downstairs. Barbecue
Cannon Shield Fires pinball on a successful parry. Parry
Blaster One, two, boom! Parry The last attack of a combo will create a bomb.
Broken Sword Overexert! Summon Every three attack combos will cause the broken sword to enter the next form.
Clockwork Blade Next attack after using Weapon Skill does critical damage. Whirlwind Have chance to reduce your own 5 shields when attack. Defeat The Clockwork Lich.
Cooking Knife No bully will come close if you have one in hands. Slash Restore 1 health on every attack.
Crowbar Of all the blunt tools, this is the best one. Backflip
Golden Blade Yellow, glittering, precious... Dash Gain a block shield when picking up coins.
Strange Plant Knights, hold your ground! Summon Green Onion Summon a green onion on the body when killing your enemy.
Hockey Stick Plucks are in a short supply in the future. Tripple Throw
Thunderblade Witness the true power of lightning! Summon Thunder
Energy Sword Face towards the enemy on activation. Enhanced Energy Sword Defeat The Auditor.
Long Blade Fun fact: warriors of the East use those primarily to hang their laundry while it's drying. Dash
The Saviour Not in the face! Slash Have chance to give the enemy a vulnerable effect. Eliminate 400 enemies.
Virulent Chainsword Mark of a great commander. Poisons enemies on a successful parry. Parry
Shortsword A widely used weapon for self-protection. Dash
Holy Crowbar This is a very special crowbar. You probably shouldn't show it to anyone. Backflip Deal additional damage equal to 2% of your max health.
Storm Strikes Back Winds! Obey my command! Summons a particle storm on a successful parry. Parry
Venom Don't lick. Poison Nova
Jester One way to make someone dance is to put them on a hot surface. The hotter, the merrier. Parry
The Warrior A weapon used by the rock-lovers. Super Swing
Mjölnir A convincing replica of the famous weapon of the Nine Realms. Maybe too convincing. Smash
Hata God of pillow fights. Bash
Infused Powerhammer A unique Energy-powered weapon. Every point of Energy increases damage by 1 (up to 20). Smash
Lucky George So very lucky. Bash There is a chance to restore all of your health, shield and vitality when hit your enemy.
High-Frequency Axe Poachers' favorite. Whirlwind The swing ax will generate a new swing ax after hitting the enemy.
Giant Sword of Frost A surprisingly lightweight greatsword made of ice. Bring some mittens. Ice Crystal
Power Pickaxe Quite a destructive weapon for a regular mining tool. Bash Can destroy crystals. Collect 200 items from Fel Crystals.
Power Sledge A makeshift weapon made from a regular sledgehammer. Smash
Venom Sledge Comes with a complimentary toxic sac. Smash Attack on posioned enemy must be crit.
Tornado Hammer Spin to win. Whirlwind
Messenger Holy tornado! Whirlwind
Reindeer Whip Fell from the sky on some Space Christmas night. Summon Drop additional heart of life, gold coins and bombs when then summoned Santa Claus deals damage to the enemy.
Grappler Tentacle of a weird animal. Twitches sometimes. Whisper Defeat 5 Crangs
Sir Grey There's a very fine line between pleasure and pain. Lash Out
Electric Whip Lightweight whip with the electrical current inside it. Keep your hands on the handle. Summon Thunder