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There are a variety of NPCs in Metaverse Keeper.

List of Item[edit | edit source]

Gravity Bomb Module Pulls nearby enemies before exploding them. The closer to the centre, the higher the damage. Unlock
Bomb_Mod_Gravity.Description Pulls nearby enemies before exploding them. The closer to the centre, the higher the damage. Eliminate a boss with a Bomb.
Ice Bomb Module Enemies are frozen on detonation.
Lava Bomb Module Drops lava on detonation.
Mucus Bomb Module Creates slowing mucus on detonation.
Basic Bomb Module Just an explosion, nothing fancy.
Poison Bomb Module Poisons nearby enemies on detonation.
Cans Knocker Knockback and deal 20 damage to nearby enemies.
Box-o-Bombs Gain 2 Bombs.
Hata Candy Summon blades around each enemy in the room for 10 seconds.
Huge Incendiary Torpedo Throw a huge incendiary torpedo that creates a damaging and slowing area.
Tiny Incendiary Torpedo Throw a tiny incendiary torpedo that creates a damaging and slowing area.
Booster Rush forward! Your next attack is a guaranteed critical hit. Gain speed boost for 6 seconds.
Blind Eel Throw to cover a large area in slowing mucus.
The Almighty Circle Summon three elemental orbs for 6 seconds. Defeat The Auditor
The Sermon of R'lyeh Summon The Tentacles.
EMP Disable all traps in the room by a press of a button.
Energy Shield Generate a shield that absorbs projectiles.
Shield Calling Device Generate a shield that absorbs projectiles and slows surrounding enemies.
Portable Tornado Generator Generate 6 tornadoes that slowly pull nearby enemies and deal 16 damage per second.
Passionate Fireball A "warm" welcome for nearby enemies.
Lava Antiskid Drink Drink to leave an antiskid trail of lava wherever you go for 20 seconds.
Dr S' Black Hole Generator Summon a temporary black hole that pulls and damages nearby enemies
Group Healing Device Restore 20 HP to you and your nearby teammates.
Health Potion Drink to restore 30 HP.
Poisonous Barbs Shoot 5 poisonous spikes forward that deal poison damage for 7 seconds.
Huge Coin Throw a huge coin that causes enemies to drop Gold on hit.  
Ice Ball Detonate to freeze nearby enemy targets.
Commanding Transmission Make yourself and your nearby teammates invulnerable for 3 seconds.
Plasma Killer Deal massive damage to all enemies in the room!
Beam Bot Set up a laser drone that shoots 4 rounds of ammunition.
Space Leech Unleash a space leech that parasitizes onto a random enemy, dealing 10 damage per second for 10 seconds. If the host gets killed during the infection, the leech will parasitize onto another random enemy.
Magic Bomb Drop a randomly chosen Bomb.
Pocket of 2122 Drop a random item.
Portable Disintegrator Condenses particles into a powerful beam that damages everything in its path.
Mobile Rocket Launcher Fire heat-guided rockets that follow enemies.
Mom's Slash Pull nearby enemies and slash them from above.
Quarter Hot Take Summon not one, but four fireballs! Toasty.
Emergency Teleport Teleport back to the starting room.
Shield Battery Instantly restore 30 Shield points. Defeat Cirrus Submarine
Outer-world Walker Become unstoppable! Allows you to crush crystals and enemies for 6 seconds.
Stimpack Massively increase critical chance and damage for 3 seconds. Warning: Causes HP drain.
Small Resurrection Device Resurrect nearby teammates.
Tusky Syringe Your every attack restore 2 HP for the next 10 seconds.
Vitality Converter Convert 10 HP into 20 Vitality.