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A boss

In Metaverse Keeper, the player must fight a variety of monsters in order to progress through the various dungeons.

List of Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Cirrus Aquasuit This advanced looking armour is nothing but a diving suit made by the natives of Noah. The harsh environment of their home planet made most of the population to migrate deep into the Mother Sea.
Netting Jellyfish Their explosion is nothing but an unfortunate revolutionary reflex to being scared. Weird how it managed to get passed from generation to generation...
Cirrus Submarine This even more advanced looking armour is nothing but a special diving suit made by natives of Noah. The harsh environment of their home planet made most of the population to migrate deep into the Mother Sea.
The Doom Angel One of the battle angels created by MAO-001 to drain the metaverse of its energy.
Neusara One of a kind parasitic plant capable of sprouting on any kind of metal known to man. 
The Waste Disposer An ancient waste disposal unit that still follows its orders. Quite effective despite the age.
The Clockwork Lich A remote-controlled robot that was hacked by some unknown entity. Its original creator liked to make lich figurines for a tabletop game he spend his evening in.
The Auditor <static> In charge of inspections... <static> ...looking for proofs of misconducts in the laboratory. <static> shouldn't have tinkered with cloning.
Dr. Nakayama The inventor of various marvellous devices and a proud owner of a Level 16 mechanic certificate. 
Ancient Lichen A symbiosis of a strange creature and a regular rock it decided to make its home. Curious and afraid of the new world it found itself in. 
Energized Slime Used by recruits to practice their skills.
Mamasan Was originally responsible for looking after the countless Repeating Chickens roaming around, but decided to lead a rebellion amidst all the chaos.
Nepenthe Guard A reliable living mote that swallows everyone passing by to then spit them out at the first sign of danger.
The Witch of High Castle A crazed woman that lives in her own fantasy world she made out of ice.
Rushy Curious asthmatic dog-deer animals that like to rush at the newcomers to take a closer look at them.
Rogue Killer The more approriate name would be The Hammer, but it's not a boss, so no definite article for you.
Satsu! An assassin-like robot from outer space. The leaf on its head helps to blend with the surroundings, or so it thinks.
Roger the Reaper Warrior of a vicious Rippers tribe native to Noah. Barbarous. Good at combat.
Goldmash A very strong genetically enhanced warrior of a tribe native to Noah. The armour itself weights like 5 Banbangs.
Bill the Bull A genetically enhanced Noahian. Strong hands and with powerful calves.
Aimy Bangbang's supervisor, follower of the Top Tier cult, and an efficient rock-thrower.
Twin Aimy Specially trained Aimy capable of throwing two stones with one hand.
Bangbang Noah's native hired by Top Tier to fight off the alien invasion.
Slime Your basic slime. Sometimes bites.
Exploding Slime A gooey slime infested by evil spirits. Very unstable; looks for an opportunity to blow itself up.
Injected Split Slime The evil creation of a demonic experiment. Injected with evil spirits, is capable of summoning Exploding Slimes.
Fel Mini Slime Hostile to everything alien to Noah.
Legion Spider Weak on its own, obnoxious in a crowd. Design document says that 100 of those could combine into a centurion.
Thinker Always asks questions. If you won’t get rid of him quickly, will eventually ask you the most important question of all.
Crong Result of a wicked idea to put a weed-like plant inside a power-enhancing suit. Alas, no power can save one from loneliness. Wants to raise a herd of turtles
Babala A tiny alarm robot. Due to its cheap design, it's more annoying than practically useful. 
Pahpah A very strange creature with a lot of eyes but very poor vision.
Gugu An unfortunately polluted form of a sentient weed. 
Spinny Mature gugus become very protective of their territories. They even learn a couple of new tricks that help them with wading off the invaders. 
Pipi Jellyfish Scientifically enhanced jellyfish native to the Mother Sea of Noah trained to chase off invaders. 
Fel Slime Polluted with massive evil powers, always agitated and quite angry. 
Mini Fel Slime Concentrated anger of a regular slime in a cuter form. 
Giant Spider A big and aggressive spider with strong mandibles and vicious appetite. 
Tiny Spider Freshly hatched spiders are full of toxic gasses.
Shout the Rhino Once a renown sprinter, now can barely move around without having to take a breather after charging for a short distance. 
Burp Swallowed an icicle on a bet, now can't help but spit parts of it every time he snorts. 
Frost Centurion A cold-loving cousin of the legion spider. Bigger and more dangerous. 
Calm Thinker Calm down, let's think this through!
Swift! A modified version of Satsu! First, you freeze, then you cut.
Pope His four eyes are said to bless four believers at the same time, but more often than not they're used for efficient spying. 
Turbine A germophobic creature that built a whole device around just to clean itself up more efficiently. 
Pook A bronze medal winner of the first Flying Snowball tournament of Noah's 1355 Winter Games. 
The Goalkeeper Since the Flying Snowball games have evolved with time, The Goalkeeper had to start wearing additional layers of armour to protect itself. Unfortunately, it reached the point where he's no longer threatened by anything the game has to offer. 
Impact Engineer Who would've thought that a simple job of clearing out obstacles from an ice rink is going to be so difficult when you're given a machine that can't stop slipping.
Pook Pook A fine Flying Snowball player capable of throwing multiple snowballs with high precision. Was a record holder once. 
Polluted Pook This Pook was banned from the Flying Snowball matches for his excessive cheating.
Repeating Chicken The effect this you approximate chicken's of listening the cry.
Bane The basic armour designed by Solarians wasn't good enough for Bane's exquisite tastes, so he added a sprinkle of Fell energy to it. 
Keeper-256 A failed experiment that was only given this basic name.
Abomination This log book is heavily redacted. Was someone playing with black ink?
Solar Instructor Failure to follow instructions will make the instructor use its whip for a more precise "guidance".
High Instructor - Venom An advanced version of the Solar Instructor. The whip it uses applies poison. 
Intern Instructor Interns are only given training tools, so their "guidance" isn't as strong.
Poisonous Intern Some interns realised that they were given plastic bullets, so they jumped into a poisonous pool to increase their efficiency. How zealous!
High Instructor - Tesla An advanced version of the Solar Instructor. The whip it uses applies electricity. 
Bahbah A portable playing device that allows for a variety of audio inputs.
Bubble Laser A multi-cosmic bubble with shuttle capability and a very powerful engraving laser. Responsible for engraving the various statues you see around.
Violence These greenskins came from a different world and are said to be capable of photosynthesis. 
Hodai Uses its Fel-infused sword to protect the Top Tier cult.
Green Wand Bishop The bishop is capable of tearing the space-time continuum to bring his followers right into the fray, no matter what they're occupied with.
Shaper Soulless creatures capable of mimicking everything they see.
Tesla Rushy Electro impulses help propel the creature forward and combat shields at the same time. What a steal!
Electrobomb Its original name is Explosive Electronic Remanufacturing Machine, but you might see why it didn't stick. 
Electrobomb Maker The demand for elictricity is quite high in the metaverse. When there's a demand, there's someone that try to capitalize on it.
Crystal Mask Rushy Made itself a mask out of some crystal. Doesn't take damage from the front, but the additional weight makes it take longer breaks between each attack.
Digital Judge This model, in addition to keeping the score of the Flying Ball tournaments, is capable of generating small skating rinks on the fly. 
Fel Thrower A primitive experiment that found its use in the heat of battle. Rather fragile, but packs quite a punch.
Hodai Master A master swordsman addicted to malice Usually appears near places of evil power.
Stichy An abomination brought back to life.
Abyss Mimi Staring at it makes you feel like something more powerful stares back at you.
Mimi Legend has it that you can see a whole universe in their eyes.
Elly This magnetic energy controller was named after a daughter of one of the famous engineers.
Punisher The unyielding spirit of the Top Tier made manifest. 
Mich Pig A wondrous creature that mimics others when scared.
Spiky Mich Pig A mutated Mich Pig that tries to retaliate with its sharp barbs when being attacked.
Roller Really loves to roll.
Space Rogue - Prototype A widely used reconnaissance robot.
Space Rogue - Frost This model freezes the environment around itself after being destroyed.
Space Rogue - Venom This model poisons the environment around itself after being destroyed.
Space Rogue - Tesla This model electrocutes the environment around itself after being destroyed.
Split Detecting Device A peculiar robot that splits itself the moment a threat is detected.
Crab Opener Likes opening bottles a lot. The bottles, unfortunately, rarely survive the process.