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A rare chip vendor's wares

In Metaverse Keeper, chips are powerup-like items that benefit the player by granting them special abilities or effects.

Name Rarity Description Unlock
Bomb Core Common Gain 1 extra Bomb on Bomb pick up.
Ammunition Supply Common Max Bombs +4, each pickup has a chance to fully restock Bombs
Ammunition Container Epic Max Bombs +99, each pickup has a chance to fully restock Bombs.
Force Rare Attack +1, Max HP +10, Max Shield +5, Max Vitality +5. Defeat all bosses in the game.
Sustainable Contract Epic Gain 1 Bomb when the stock reaches 0. Use 50 Bombs in a single round.
Spite Epic Dealing damage to poisoned targets restores 2 HP.
Blade Rare Attack damage +4.
Overload Common Weapon cooldown -10%. Each attack has a chance to reset the Weapon Skill.
Bad Temper Common 50% chance to throw a Bomb after taking damage.
Overreaction Rare Max HP +10. 50% chance to cast a Force Particle after taking damage.
Rage Common Max HP +10. Guaranteed critical strikes for 3 seconds after taking damage.
Battlefield Heal Rare 30% chance to summon a Healing Orb after taking damage. Save a teammate at least 10 times in a single round.
Fiery Reflexes Rare Max HP +10. Spill lava around when taking damage.
Flee Common Attack +2. Gain speed boost for 6 seconds after taking damage.
Temporary Insurance Rare Consume 10 Gold to decrease incoming damage by 30%.
Brave Bee Rare HP restored to full on entering a boss room. Fail to defeat a boss in a co-op game.
Electronized Rare EMP resistance +50%.
Electrostatic Epic Immune to EMP effects. Complete Fel Lab without losing HP.
Time Management Common Bombs' cooldown -1.5 seconds.
Time Magic Epic Each Epic Chip reduces the cooldown of Bombs by 1 second.
Anti-Explosion Module Common Gain immunity to Bomb damage. Complete Stage 5 without losing any HP.
Big Bang. Common Bomb damage +16.
Explosion Study Epic Bomb damage +32 Get eliminated by your own Bomb.
Danger Close Common Increase Bombs' damage radius. Damage 100 crystals by Bomb.
Art of Deception Rare 50% chance that Bomb won't be consumed on use.
Bomber's Belt Common Max HP +10. Max Bombs +4.
Void Bomb Common Gain 1 Bomb on entering a new room.
Inflame Rare Each attack has a chance to throw an incendiary Bomb.
Evil Force Rare 15% chance to summon 4 orbs of evil energy after defeating an enemy. Defeat 5 Punishers
Blood Hunger Rare Critical strikes restore 3 HP.
Excitement Common Critical strikes provide a speed boost for 6 seconds.
Evil Feedback Rare Summon 4 energy orbs after cleaning a room.
Precise Strike Rare Critical chance +10%.
Lacerated Wounds Epic Critical damage +50%.
Cold Fury Rare Grants critical strikes when attacking frozen enemies.
Absorption Rare Attack damage -3, critical damage +100%.
Challenge Core Rare Max HP -10, +4 attack and +20% critical chance while fighting inside challenge and boss rooms.
Bomber Curse Curse Bombs cooldown -4 seconds, gain 99 Bombs. Can't attack anymore. Removed after death. Complete Eco Land without losing HP.
Diamond Skin Curse Set HP to 50, Shield is disabled. Only receive 1 point of damage when attacked, but can't restore HP.Removed after death. Receive Poison, Laser, Explosive, Frost, and Electric damage in a single game.
Eternal Curse Curse Permanently set HP to 20.
Essence Drain Curse Restore 2 vitality per second, HP is set to 1 and can't be increased. Removed after death.
Solar Apostle Curse Summon 3 permanent energy orbs. Can't attack anymore.Removed after death. Have 3 orbitals active at the same time.
Space Pirate's Legacy Curse Maximum HP and Shield reduced to 30%. Every attack is critical.Removed after death.
Discount Coupon Rare Items cost 30% less gold. Purchase a Chip from each vending machine in a single game.
Ether Bolt Epic Items trigger twice on use. Defeat The Doom Angel.
Shelter Rare Gain a blocking shield upon entering a new room.
Bomb Hound Max Bomb +1 upon entering a new room and restore1 Bomb. Complete Eco Land without losing any HP.
Way of Rich Common Gain 100 Gold immediately, get 5 Gold upon discovering a new room. Spend 300 Gold gambling in a single game.
Metabolized Boost Rare Entering a new room restores 5 HP.
Nesting Bombs Rare 40% chance to spawn an extra Bomb after the initial explosion.
Soul Hunter Common Extra Vitality will be converted into HP. Consume at least 500 Energy in a single game.
Freezing Immunity Epic Max Shield +10, immunity to freezing. Complete Stage 3 without losing any HP.
Quick Freeze Rare Each attack has a 17% chance to freeze enemies. Defeat The Witch of High Castle.
Power Up Common Increase speed significantly while Shield is full.
Hardcore Player Common Throw Bombs continuously when taking damage.
Banker's Wife's Deposit Epic Receive 998 Gold when getting a Chip. Pick up 1000 Gold coins.
Exploder Epic Attacking debuffed enemies has a chance to trigger a Bomb explosion.
Infection Module Epic Attacking poisoned enemies has a chance to cast Poison Nova.
Liquid Bomb Common Attacking slowed enemies has a chance to cause an explosion.
Berserker's Blood Common Damage of basic attacks +8 while HP is below 20%.
Battle Trance Rare Critical chance +5%. Each time you lose 10 HP critical damage is increased by 4.
Stimulating Factor Common Critical chance +20% while HP is below 30%. Defeat a boss while having less than 30% HP.
Pride Common Damage of basic attacks +4 while having full HP.
Honour Common Speed is increased while HP is full.
Bioenergy Common Using items restores 5 HP. Purchase a Chip with Energy ten times.
HP Changing Pattern Rare Gain a blocking shield for 2 seconds each time you lose 10 HP. Defeat The Waste Disposer.
Tough Life Common Damage taken -15% while HP is below 50%.
Emergency Measures Rare Restore Shield back to full after having it depleted once a room.
Strong Rare Max HP +20. Max Shield -5.
Vigorous Rare Max HP +30. Max Shield -10.
Improved Electromagnetism Common Max shield +30. Max HP -10.
Punching Bag Common Spawn 5 Gold when losing HP.
Resupplying Marker Common Max HP +5, HP restored to full.
Devotion Rare Summon 3 healing orbs when HP is below 30%. Triggered once every 30s.
Cold Personality Rare Max HP +10. 20% chance to cast Frost Nova on taking damage. Get eliminated while frozen.
Ice Age Rare Enemies are frozen for 1 more second.
Co-op Action Common Gain 1 Bomb after using an item.
Fighting Spirit Common Reset Weapon Skills on item use.
Combat Inspiration Rare Gain a 3 seconds immunity on item use. Use at least 5 different items in a single game.
Vitality Shield Rare Gain 10 Shield points on item use.
Technician Common Vitality consumption -1.
Worthy Death Rare Enemies have a chance to drop 1 Gold.
Reap Rare Enemies have a chance to drop 1 Heart of Life.
Fire Hazard Common Lava damage +1.
Curse of Fire Rare Lava damage +2.
Spread Common Increased radius of lava circles.
Enthusiasm Common Lava Circles stay for 3 seconds longer.
Asphalt Common Enemies affected by lava are slowed by 35%.
Intermission Common Restore 2 HP after being knocked down.
Lava Leak Rare Leave an antiskid lava trail behind you that deals damage to enemies. Defeat 10 Injection Divisive Slimes.
Backup Shield Rare Shield is restored back to full when HP is lower than 25%.
Stacked Rare Hearts of Life increase Max HP by 1. Get eliminated 50 times.
Bloodpath Rare 50% chance to increase the damage of basic attacks by 2 after defeating an enemy. Stacks; lasts 10 seconds.
Speed Up Rare Increased movement speed.
Fighter Rare Damage of basic attacks +8, movement speed is slower.
Gift Pack Common Chests now also drop 1 Heart of Life, 25 Gold, 1 Bomb, 1 Vitality Cube. Open 20 chests.
Scourge Rare Cast Scourge on getting hit. Defeat 5 Abyss Mimis
Pariah Rare Max HP +10. Release Poison Mist on getting hit. Perish to poison
Vitality Inspiration Epic Getting hit restores 10 Vitality.
Pay to Win Rare Each basic attack consumes 1 Gold increasing damage dealt by 50%.
Guardian of Power Epic Summon energy orbs from time to time.
Guardian of Strength Rare Summon energy orbs from time to time. Complete every Challenge room in a single game.
Guardian of Wind Common Summon tornados from time to time.
Guardian of Fire Common Summon fire orbs from time to time.
Guardian of Ice Rare Summon ice orbs from time to time. Explore 100 rooms on Polar Factory.
Gap Forcefield Common Periodically knock back and deal damage to nearby enemies.
Guardian of Poison Rare Summon poison orbs from time to time. Explore 100 rooms on Solar Ruins.
Auto Guidance Epic Fire 8 homing missiles from time to time. Hold 20 Chips at the same time.
Greed Rat Common Hearts of Life picked up are converted into 10 Gold.
Life Insurance Epic Restore 1 HP after picking up a Gold coin. Get eliminated while having at least 200 Gold.
Dangerous Behavior Rare Fire a heat-seeking missile after picking up a Gold coin.
Free Coupon Common Get 100 Gold, Gold coins provide 5 more Gold.
Plasma Attack Epic Every 2 Energy increase damage by 1. Accumulate 99 Energy.
Refined Poison Common Poison damage + 2. Eliminate 20 enemies with Poison.
Poison Master Rare Poison damage +3.
Toxic Forging Rare Each attack has a 17% chance to poison enemies.
Poison Resistance Common Poison damage received -1.
Chronic Poison Common Increase poisoning duration for 3 seconds.
Poison Immunity Epic Max Shield +10, immune to poison. Complete Solar Ruin without losing any HP.
Borrowed Time Epic Restore 50 HP after taking fatal damage. Triggers once.
Armadillo Plan Rare Each attack has a 17% chance to fire 4 missiles.
Synergetic Missiles Common Fire 4 missiles upon using an item.
Vitality Toughness Common Restore 2 Vitality on Evade.
Racoon Core Rare Evade cooldown -20%.
Sleight of Hand Epic Gain Critical effect for 3 seconds on Evade.
Combat Roll Evade cooldown +20%, Weapon Skill cooldown reset on Evade.
Flexible Module Common Gain speed boost for 3 seconds on Evade.
Evasive Maneuvers Evade distance +20%.
Adaptive Force Field Common Release a backward force field on Evade.
Thrifty Common Restore 5 Vitality after clearing a room
Total Enhancement Common Max HP +10, Max Shield +5.
First-Aid Common Effect of Hearts of Life is doubled while HP is below 25%.
Savage Counter Common Fire 8 boomerangs when on Shield depletion. Lose more than 500HP in a single game.
Reactive Protection System Epic Max HP +10. Fire 4 guided missiles on Shield depletion.
Space Ronin Common Effect of Hearts of Life, Bombs, Gold coins, and Vitality +1.
Tinker Rare Damage +10%. Max Shield +5.
Synchronizing Charge Rare Gaining Vitality restores 3 Shield.
Better Shield Common Decrease damage taken by Shield by 50%. Increase damage taken by HP by 100%.
Shield Up Common Max Shield +10.
Danger Sense Rare Gain critical attack effect for 3s when Shield is depleted.
Internal Potential Rare Attack +6 when Shield is depleted.
Original Motivation Common Critical chance +20% when Shield is depleted.
Defence System Common Gain 3s immunity when Shield is depleted. Deplete Shield 20 times in a single game.
Backfire Common Max HP +10. Cast an Energy Wave that damages and knocks back nearby enemies nearby on shield depletion.
Cyborg Body Common Restore 10 HP on Shield depletion.
Snipe Gain critical attack effect after standing still for 2 seconds.
Directional Blast Rare Release a Bomb after standing still for 1 second.
Survival Ability Common Effect of Hearts of Life is doubled. Pick up 50 Hearts of Life in a single game.
Butterfly Rare 10% chance to gain invulnerability for 1 second after taking damage.
3 Seconds Wonder Gain critical attack effect for 3 seconds on item use
Energy Replacement Epic Items cost +5 Vitality to use, reset Evade cooldown on use.
Money to Burn Common Consume 5 Gold to cast Firebolt on item use. Collect 500 Gold in a single game.
Carbon-based Energy Conversion Common Consuming Vitality increases the damage for 3 seconds.
Explosive Vitality Rare Throw an explosive for each Vitality consumed.
Energetic Rare Max Vitality -5. Critical strikes deal extra damage equal to current Vitality. Use items 10 times in a single room.
Full of Energy Common 30% chance to deal critical damage on full Vitality.
Data Plan Common Drop 5 Gold when Vitality is consumed.
Skilled Common 60% chance to gain 1 extra Vitality when gaining Vitality.
Sweat Factory Common 30% chance to gain 1 Gold when gaining Vitality.
Soul Seeker Common 2% chance to restore 10 HP when gaining Vitality.
Backup Cell Common Max Vitality +5.
Weapon Master Common Weapon skill cooldown -2 seconds.
Adrenal Feedback Common Restore 3 Vitality when Shield is depleted.
Synchronous Execution Weapon skill cooldown +5. Activate current item when using Weapon Skill. Explore 100 rooms on Fel Lab.